Getting Started as a Photographer: Part 1.

In a new age of photography where there is a wonderful amount of technology at our finger tips all designed to assist us with not only getting the perfect shot, but also with adapting and perfecting the shots post shoot, is it still as important to have a really top notch camera in your tool kit?

In short, yes. Getting the perfect picture whilst actually taking it is always going to look better and if you are editing later, the photo itself will be much easier to work with if you have got the shot right in the first place. To do this you need three main things under your belt.

Number 1, Knowledge:  Do your homework ad make sure that you know everything you can about the theory of photography. Look at other photographers work and try to work backwards to discover how they might have achieved the key elements you love about their work. Very important this one, know your camera! So many people go out and buy flashy (excuse the pun) expensive cameras that they have no idea how to make the most out of when the truth is if they read the manual and got to know the power of their own tools then they might have been able to achieve the same shots with much cheaper cameras or much better shots with their professional one.

Number 2, Experience:  Ok, so you might not have mountains of experience under your belt as a beginner but shoot all the time, everything you can, every time you can and in every style, you can. You’ll soon start picking up what works and what doesn’t. If you already have plenty of shots and experience then make sure you stay reflective. After every shoot try to work out what worked well and what didn’t and then make notes for next time around about what you did to achieve the positive points and things you think you could do to avoid the negative points. As photographers it is key that our work continues to develop on every shoot.

Number 3, Equipment:  It’s true that not every quality shot needs an expensive piece of kit behind it but the truth is you can just get a lot more from your shots, a lot more easily and effectively if you pick the right camera for you. So, if you are still looking for a professional camera that can help you get the perfect shot, then check out some of the best DSLR cameras on the market for 2018 in the clip below.